Lewis And Clark Heritage Days in Saint Charles

If you surf through the site, you will find some useful information and interesting facts about Lewis and Clark’s days of celebration and important heritage that they lewisclarkheritagedays1have left.

Back in the 1804, Thomas Jefferson, president of the United States at the time, asked two men, William Clark and Meriwether Lewis, to find and to explore the route from Saint Charles to the Pacific Ocean with the coast of the Louisiana Territory. It was to be a dangerous journey, through wild lands, with dangerous animals lurking and ready to attack, along with possible Native- American encounters. The whole expedition was planned in top secret due to the French and Spanish ownership of that territory in those years. Their expedition ended in September 1806 and it took Lewis and Clark around four years to reach the Pacific coast.

To honor their expedition and discovery, there are celebration days in Saint Charles, their starting point. Saint Charles is located in the state of Missouri and the commemoration is held at Frontier Park near Lewis and Clark’s Boathouse. At the boathouse, there are original boats on display, built and used at the time of the expedition.

So, every month of May sees celebration days where men dress up in uniforms and recreate the expedition as a grand parade. The first celebration took place in 1979 and is held ever since. The reenactment of the famous expedition also includes military encampments, drum corps and fife musters, cannon and musket demonstrations, a so called skillet throw, period music and more. Each day begins with the rising of the US flag of the era, too!

The commemoration became quite festive over the years and now is an important part of the Missouri and Saint Charles experience. Join the celebration and be part of the heritage!

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