A Lewis and Clark Inspired Diet

There are tons of diets available online, most of which are designed for weight loss. Experts typically agree that a change in diet should be a healthy one and that it should be considered more a change in eating styles than a temporary method of cutting calories. Looking back into history, it is easy to see that necessity can often lead to a healthier method of eating. Specifically, the diet that Lewis and Clark followed on their famous expedition included a varied and diverse menu that might help to form the foundation for a sensible diet today.

The Demand for High Protein

Clark wrote in his journals that the men ate four deer or an elk and a deer and one buffalo to supply them for twenty-four hours. When readily available, each man would consume as much as nine pounds of meat daily. They required the high levels of protein to provide them with energy to meet the demand on their bodies. They also ate large quantities of fish, one of the most healthy food choices available today.

The Travelers and Carbohydrates

Lewis and Clark received starchy wapato, the leaves of a herbaceous plant, from the Mandan tribe of North Dakota. They also traded with the Clatsop tribe for berries, elk, and licorice root. If the simple foods eaten by Lewis and Clark were adequate for providing nourishment for one of the most famous expeditions in U.S. history, they could probably be used as a guideline for developing a truly healthy diet for life.

To compete with the many diets and dieting apps out there today, newcomers can use http://www.aquro.com to create their very own app and share their knowledge of the variety of natural foods that have been eaten due to necessity for centuries. Lewis and Clark are one famous couple that has demonstrated how important it is to get the nutrients provided by nature and to avoid the processed foods filled with salt, sugar, and other additives that too many of us enjoy today.